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>Summer Reading

>Since June 23rd, I’ve completed four books (Glass Castle, The Tipping Point, Washingtonienne and Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince {Good, but this is the second consecutive time JK Rowling has killed off a major character and second consecutive time I guessed it — officially and out loud –before starting page one. Bummer.}) and am hoping to complete five (Gasping for Airtime by Jay Mohr) and begin six (Bonfire of the Vanities) while on my trip to LA. This is the most reading I’ve done in years — I’m thinking way back to junior high when I still lived in the woods. I love that I’ve rediscovered the time to give myself the pleasure.

We’ve also stocked up on three movie rentals: Saw (mwahahaha), Hotel Rwanda and the Aviator. The last two will be classy enough to make up for the indulgence of a good old fashioned horror flick, although I haven’t heard good things about it, so we’ll see.

Paquita is coming along this time. It’s only $50 each way for her to fly Jet Blue. For such a short trip, I figure the $100 is worth saving myself the hassle of taking her to her dog sitter’s and the expense of buying him dinner after I pick her up. (Sorry, Keith! Play date instead?) She totally knows she’s going and so does her blue ball. EVERY time we go away, it suddenly disappears. Weird. To keep her occupied as she paces from bag to bag sniffing its contents, I’ve sent her on missions to, “Go get your ball!” She frantically searches fruitlessly.

Where the hell is that thing?