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>Sunny Florida

>I’m enjoying the sun here in Florida where I’m staying at the Hard Rock Casino hotel. The same spot where Anna Nicole Smith died one year ago today. Christian is headlining the Improv here and I tagged along for some much needed R&R. For 2008, I really want to incorporate more of that into my schedule. You know you need it when you sleep 12 hours two nights in a row. Zowie.

I won’t bore you about our awful flight –delayed four hours, taking off at 1:00 AM with scary turbulence and two SCREEEEAMING twins on board– but I will tell you that Dan from an early season of the Real World was on our flight. He was the gay male model wanna be. He was smitten with Paquita and had the misfortune of sitting directly behind the aforementioned twin. Well, Dan also happens to work at the Hard Rock Hotel. Guess the modeling didn’t pan out.

Off to the pool!