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>Thank God it’s Over.

>First, Christian was awesome. But, wow, what an anxiety-filled couple of days. My heart couldn’t take it! I was speaking with the other comic’s wife and asked her how she felt before he went up. “I wanted to vomit,” she said without hesitation. Precisely the words I used earlier. So I knew that the stress and butterflies weren’t from me being a kook or an over-attentive publicist, but more from being a woman concerned for her man who is about to do a very important thing in his career. At the after party, I really don’t remember talking to anyone in particular or being a very good conversationalist. To my friends who were awesome enough to come out: I’m sorry! I was busy doing shots and expelling all the tension built up over five days. I am duly purged.

Second, on Thursday night as I was hustling around preparing for the arrival of my new bed my cell phone rang. It was a Greek man who was trying to deliver something. I said he must have the wrong address. He said, “This is 347-555-1212?” Yes. “You are Kambri Crews?” Yes. “You have a flower delivery.” Oh! Weird! I’ll meet you outside. Sure enough a giant bouquet of giant sunflowers had my name written all over them.

I burst into tears. Then I read the card, “To Robochris thank you for everything you do for me it could never be enough.”

Everything you do for me could never be enough? What the . . . ?

Turns out the Greek florist wasn’t so good at the English.


The flowers are lovely and I am tired. Nighty night!