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>"That Dude" Cast in "The Cartells"

>During the table read held at Comix Tuesday afternoon, I quietly listened and laughed out loud more than a few times. I couldn’t quite figure out how I knew a few of the familiar faces, one man’s mug in particular. It drove me batty till I finally got the updated list from Drama Dept.’s press agent. Peter Frechette is on the line up for the Drama Dept. live soap opera titled “The Cartells”. His scene at the beginning of Inside Man is one of the most memorable much in part to his fine acting. I look forward to seeing him on stage at Comix for the next four Mondays in a row. “YES! OF COURSE! That dude!” So That Dude is in the show with the other awesome cast members I’ve mentioned. Here’s a quick blurb from

View photos taken from last week’s table reading of “The Cartells”.

Rick Shapiro rules. More on that later.