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>The Best Laid Plans

>So Thursday night I read an old piece instead of part four of My Asshole Brother series because the place was packed with people who were at the Family Hour show for the first time. I didn’t want to confuse or alarm them so pulled out a trusty piece about introducing Christian to My Jailed Deaf Dad for the first time. I actually did write part four so at some point I can maybe re-read parts one through three and unveil part four in sequence. Blah, blah….thinking out loud here. The point is, the show is gaining some heat and people come back for it. That’s a great sign.

Also, at the last minute Christian got called away to perform as a fill in on The Indecision Tour with Greg Giraldo so he wasn’t there to see me / make me nervous. I DO want him to come see me again soon, though, because I think he’ll be impressed at how much more confident I am on stage reading new stories. Next week I’m going to show an art gallery of pieces Dad has drawn over the years. Some of them are pretty darn impressive and interesting. I wish he would continue his artistic pursuits but he spends most of his time in the library researching laws for inmate rights and such. There are worse things he could do with his frustrated pent up energy*.

*Like beat up more guards