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>The Business of Comedy

>I’m teaching a course about how to brand and market yourself as a comedian and my class is almost full. I have a limited number of spots, mainly because I’m offering a free one-on-one consultation with each student. So, if you’d like to attend or give it as a holiday gift (!), then click here. I’ve been putting together my curriculum, which has actually been a lot of fun, and getting quotes and pet peeves from industry folks…even more fun.

Ummm, what else? Comedian Brooke V.P. is going to stay at our apartment and babysit the anipals while we’re in Paris for the holidays. I’m so glad little Skeeter Jo (one of Paquita’s many nicknames) doesn’t have to stay in a kennel. Now I can rest easy with my giant cafe cremes and vins. Is that how you say it? I hope not to embarrass any Americans. Oy. I’m going to be very nice to every tourist I bump into from now until I leave for Paris.

See Voo Play, Mare Cee, and ACK! HELP!