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>The Girl is Back in Town

>I am void of all wittiness and am sorry to introduce a new post with such a cheesey (or is it “cheesy”?) title. But, it is true, I am back in town and I am a girl…albeit slightly older.

I’m immensely relaxed at this very moment. I ended my last day in Turks & Caicos with my very first manicure ever — a very generous birthday gift from Christian’s stepbrother and sister-in-law. I am so exhausted and anxious to get started on my new full time Ballyhoo Promotions business. Tomorrow I will take my newly transformed and beautiful fingernails to a sweet PT gig I scored. Wish me luck.

Remember my last trip to the Caribbean? And that sea turtle? Well, this time Christian and I actually swam with two sea turtles (pretty sure they were Hawksbills) for the longest time. They seemed content to eat off the ocean floor as we hovered above staring at their awesome beautugliness. Every so often they would join us at the top to collect a few gulps of air before diving back to the bottom. Never could I imagine being so close to something that big in the water without hyperventilating or scrambling back to shore. But they were immensely peaceful and seemingly without care…except for the time I swear the bigger of the two gave me a death stare and I grabbed Christian’s swimming trunks in an effort to pull him away from certain “danger.”

They certainly distracted from the coolness factor of seeing a really large starfish. Starfish are weird and beautiful and complicated but boring. I stared at the thing intensely and am not certain it ever moved intentionally. I bought two of his dead cousins to display in my bathroom. I don’t know why.

Read Washingtonienne in a matter of *maybe* five hours and enjoyed it. It’s a perfect beach book and sadly reminded me of a familiar time in my life in Columbus minus the drug use and threesomes and self-rationalized prostitution. Never read the original blog and don’t know a whole hell of a lot about any of it really but knew it was a scandolous sex tale of DC and figured it’d be great for the beach except for only being available in hardcover and autographed but for the same price as any old other copy. It is a great beach read in that I never felt so consumed by it that I would lose sight of what great gifts were around me. It certainly never made me horny or crave another life…so maybe not such a great beach book. Blah, blah, good lord I have no attention span right now.

Promptly picked up the Tipping Point and finished it in nearly six hours. An excellent, quick read for anyone interested in epidemics of all types — social, marketing, etc.

T&C is extremely tourist-y, hyper-expensive and is being over-developed at a seemingly rapid pace. I doubt I would go back except for the non-stop direct flight. Boy that’s a treat. Also, I’ve had some of the most amazing meals in my life — ever. Anacoana is simply not to be missed. Trust me on this one. New York prices ($$$$) which was fine with me, but I feel sorry for the tourists in from Small Town America when they see the tags on a tiny piece of tuna or grouper. Snorkeling — my favorite leisure activity aside from ass thumping Mr. Finnegan at match after match of Scrabble — is great in Coral Gardens (see above re: starfish and sea turtles as well as sting rays and, of course, coral) but it does require taking a cab or boat ride here or there ($$) and, hence, the added cost equipment rental ($).

Like most Caribbean islands and definitely Mexico, there are issues with wild dogs. I was thrilled and touched and, perhaps, too moved by the plight of Potcakes (dogs are/were fed caked up leftovers at the bottom of a stew pot called the “pot cake”) that I set out to find out how to either adopt one or donate money. Sadly, no one from the TCSPCA even returned our calls. They have no website to link to or hours of operation or a freaking address. I should have contacted the Potcake Foundation. Those precious beasts make my throat hurt.

We re-watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on the flight back and I fell in love all over and over and over again with my super guy.