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The Glass is Half Full

I’m all for looking on the bright side of things. Like what if your name was Englebert Humperdinck? It’s better than Engledinck Humperbert.

Early Birthday Gift
Jack is so generous. Today at lunch he pointed at two very obese men and offered, “Which one of those two guys do you want to see naked? I’ll have it arranged for your birthday.”

Water Cooler Convo

I took a trip to the office water cooler and was so excited when I saw a little group chatting away. “Is this the proverbial water cooler conversation I always hear about but never partake in?!? So, did you see who got kicked off Survivor?” Turns out they were talking about the ballet. I need to switch firms. What happened to good old fashioned skirt chasing and gossip and after hours boozing? You know…the good old days!

Another hysterical episode of Different Strokes. This one had me laughing so hard I wanted to puke! Da Dum Dum!

181. Bulimia (01/17/86 – #811)
Arnold suspects that Kimberly has an eating disorder when his slender sister is secretly gorging herself, but not gaining any weight. Arnold seeks Drummond’s help in confronting Kimberly with her problem and the family comes together to help her fight the eating disorder, bulimia.