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>The Good Times Roll

>Last night at Comix was a sold out show called “Next Week’s News” hosted by Andy Borowitz. Christian Finnegan, John Oliver & Amy Sedaris were the guests, so, yeah, GREAT show. John is always spot on and Amy was fun, as expected. She didn’t perform or read but was interviewed by Andy and the audience got a Q&A with her. One asked, “Which Republican candidate would you hump.” She settled on Fred Thompson because she loves Law & Order because it’s so easy to figure out who the killer is, “Whoever the guest star is…they did it!” Turns out the audience member had asked which candidate she would HOST. “Oh, host. Same guy; same reason.” Christian did some stuff about me and My Jailed Deaf Dad so Amy and John were quizzing me backstage about it. Now, if I can get a manuscript in their hands, I wonder if they’d read it? Give me a quote? Help me? Sideways over-eager grinning smiley face. (How do you type that? :-D)

Speaking of…I’m reading tonight on “The Family Hour with Auntie Sara” in Ochi’s Lounge. No cover, cheap one item minimum purchase required. I’m going to re-start the three part episode thing I began writing before the holidays. So part one of three is tonight. Be there!

But first! I have press with Mr. Emo Philips all day today. He is so funny, so nice AND hasn’t performed in NYC in YEARS so you won’t want to miss this rare chance. Did you see the feature interviews I scored him in AM NY and Time Out NY? Great reads.

Then tonight Christian is doing a PR charity thing called Saints and Spinners in Grand Central Terminal. And we have a wedding this weekend. And somewhere in there we’ll sleep.

It never ends. And I don’t want it to!