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>The Gospel of Jack…Sort Of

>Remember Jack? Before I met him, he had a law firm with this guy. I want to testify in Harley‘s defense. “Honey, if you think that’s bad…” is how I’d start out. In all seriousness, sexual harrassment can be very real and traumatic for some people. I found Jack to be harmless and just trying to make the boring parts of law office work a little more exciting. While I don’t know Harley, I can assume he is of the same ilk. That said, Jack went through LOTS of assistants over the years.

On one hand, she was just an admin. Those gigs are a dime a dozen in NYC. If it was so bad, it’s a cinch to switch partners or firms. On the other, if she was truly hurt, offended and/or threatened by his comments and HR didn’t do anything to help her, well then why should she have to switch jobs?

Has anyone had a personal experience or first hand account that actually resulted in action? I’m curious how it panned out. I’ve known a few law partners who’ve been sued and it always settles out of court. I missed my golden opportunity. Heh. But I’m not the litigious type and I’ve still got Jack in my corner.

Having drinks with Jack on Wednesday where we will behave and speak inappropriately with no threat of lawsuits.