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>The H in H-Town is for Home

>Christian & I have arrived in Houston ( and have already gotten one radio spot under our belt on 97.5. The topic of my jailed deaf dad was revisited since the last time we were on it was the day before our first trip to the clink. The rest of the hour was all over the place topic-wise but it went well. The first show is tonight and we’re here through Saturday so come on out if you’re in the Houston area. A few new friends from MySpace will be there as will my mom and an old friend from school.

I’m going to take it easy tonight so I’m on my best game tomorrow when we return to KRBE. I’m hoping to talk about the Meow Mix House since they read my press release during a news segment a few weeks ago, and I’m going to give Tex in the City a little plug.

Speaking of the Meow Mix House, it is moving forward at a rapid pace. We’re securing a bunch of ex-reality “stars” to appear at the opening and the press is piling up. Of the evening entertainment shows, so far we’ve confirmed Inside Edition. My pal Mandy from the NY Post will run a story Friday and the same photographer who snapped my and my animals’ picture yesterday took the pics of the house today. So, yeah, life is great, work is awesome and I’ve got friends and family to share it with this weekend.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.