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>The Honeymoon is Over – Literally

>Well, I would say it’s great to be home, but it’s not really. Christian left for his gig at Westminster College around 7:30 MST and I left for the airport two hours later — alone. I got a little weepy as I was shutting the hotel door behind me with all his stuff still inside. I want to bottle up the dust of last two weeks so I can sprinkle me with it when he ticks me off or when New York stink and sidewalk fury sets in again. I’m wagering 8 days.

Two glasses of wine couldn’t help me sleep through the crying baby in front of me so I spent the red-eye catching up on all things JonBenet and some TLC show about medical miracles before touching down at 5:15 AM Eastern. Christian left for St. Louis making him touch all four time zones in less than a week!

Time for Flickr updating and all that post-trip nonsense like throwing out all the rotten fruit & meat. Meanwhile, Sarah found a great use for her Emmy and the folks at Defamer agree and Susie photo-blogged her brother Adam’s book party so it’s almost like I didn’t miss it.

Six more hours till I see Paquita. Oh how I’ve missed her!