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>The Latest Ballyhoo

>There is WAY too much going on in the next couple of weeks! Scene Change debuts tomorrow night at 10:30 as part of the NY Television Festival and is expected to sell out. Add a TV crew of 28 and the sketch groups and it’s a whole lot of moving parts. I’m excited but bracing for a long, tiring day and night.

Christian is headlining at Gotham Comedy Club next week, the 13th thru 16th to be excact. We’re hoping for good crowds as it’s his first time headlining a major comedy club for a whole weekend in NYC if you can believe that! He’ll be doing 45-ish minutes of almost all brand new material. No kidding, the fool has been writing up a storm, performing, tweaking and polishing a brand new set that is now really tight. We’ll be hanging out after the shows every night and hope to see YOU there!

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On a NON-producer / work related note: I have been calling 311 about a few local businesses parking cars on the sidewalk which is, accordingly, all beat to hell, cracked and buckled under the weight. This morning there were NINE cars. NINE! Nearly every morning I yell at the men gathered around said cars and wildly gesture to which ever vehicle is blocking the most space. I look them directly in the eye and they still don’t say a word. Because I’m dressed in heels and a suit? Because they don’t speak English? Because they know they’re breaking the law? All of the above? Tonight, due to the taxi strike, there were four policemen standing on opposite corners outside my building. I yanked out my iPod earbuds and asked them about the situation. Is is actually illegal? Yes. Does 311 help? You should call your precinct…it’s faster and they’ll respond. What’s my precinct? 114. So, starting tomorrow, instead of 311 I’ll be chatting with my local police precinct. I love our apartment and my view of the City. Why can’t my walk to the subway be just as pleasant?

There’s a killing to be made for whatever traffic cop gets to ticket all those cars all day, every day.