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>The work never ends.

>We’re going to see our friend Annie in Back From the Front. She’s a great actress from the bits I’ve seen of her TV work, but I have never seen her on stage. Sounds like a very interesting play but also potentially depressing.

I’m not up for that as I’m in a frustrated funk. I’ve been busy cleaning up the mess that happens when programming schedules get changed. JB Smoove had to cancel next week as the headliner at Comix because the filming of his new movie is going over by two days. Sigh.

Donnell Rawlings (“Ashy Larry” and other memorable characters from Chappelle’s Show) along with Russ Meneve, Baron Vaughn and a surprise guest you know from Chappelle’s Show as well will perform instead. So, it will still be a great show, just a lot of work for me.

If you’re interested in tickets, call 212.524.2500 or visit Save $5.00 with the promo code “DRVIP”. Showtimes are 8:00 & 10:30PM on FRI & Sat, JUN 1 & 2.

Never, ever ends.