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There Are Worse Things I Could Do

I didn’t write much over the last few days but, even still, I’m excited about the changes I made for Chapter Three. It was a chapter that was going to be all back story about my mom and dad.


Back story is important, of course, but I simply can’t write fluidly and excitedly about stuff for which I wasn’t present, let alone born. That said, though, I was obsessed with their romance. It seemed lifted from the pages of a screenplay. Finally, after reading and re-reading, staring and daydreaming, I realized why. It reminded me of something that was very tangible, real and exciting…


They went together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong. Which when you think about it, doesn’t go together at all.

Chapters Four and Five are humming along with no problems because they’re all about spiders and snakes. Now that’s something I know about.

Kambri Chang chang changity chang shoo bop that’s not the way it should be!