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>There Really IS a Mountain Time

>And I’m in it! There are, however, NO Latinos, African Americans or any other race other than white. Not even at the airport. Racists should just move here: out of sight, out of mind.

Anyway, I’m watching the sun make its way over the mountaintop as I type this on my honeymoon in Salt Lake City. Don’t scold me. Christian is at the gym and our brunch reservation isn’t till 10:30 MST. Plus we’ve had dirty hot sex twenty times in 8 hours.*

The showcase in LA — the third annual one he’s performed in — was kind of lame, I think, but Christian had a couple of really positive meetings with movie/TV producer types to make the jaunt to LA feel worth it. That and we had a great dinner with friends (brace yourself for flagrant name dropping) Julius Sharpe (aka Goldy of the late Craig Kilborn show — read his new blog), Adam (the Kimmel producer) and Jessi Klein (former “Best Week Ever” panelist with Christian who now writes and performs for “The Showbiz Show”).

I also got to spend time with Sarah before she picked up her Emmy. !!! She looks absolutely stunning in the pictures I’ve seen but I’m not sure if I can post them. (I’ve since seen them on WireImage & FilmMagic.) I hope she’ll let me so I can show her off. She’s so purty. Incidentally, Sarah actually went to Adam’s book party (see below) that was in LA. Spotted at the LA fete was Paula Poundstone. ??? Even though it’s breathtakingly gorgeous and relaxing here — with plenty of booze for those inquiring minds — I’m still bummed I’m not going to Mo Rocca’s pad to congratulate Adam in person.

Instead, our agenda includes a tram ride over the mountain and down to the basin for a horseriding expedition, hours at the rooftop pool with my new Jon Krakauer book and a few trips down the Alpine Slide, maybe a moisturizing facial** and lots of chocolate which the resort gave us as part of our romantic retreat package.

*Marriage does change things. Typing that sentence was not fun.
**Part of the hot, dirty sex I was talking about.