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>Think of the Outfits!

>Ice dancing should be the subject of the next Christopher Guest movie. Seriously hilarious dramatics and blow by blow commentary that dissected every breath of the bitter Italian pair. After a disappointing fall the night before which cost them their first place rank, apparently the two weren’t speaking, arrived and warmed up for the free style program separately and wouldn’t even make eye contact. All while they wore these silly, frilly, shiny costumes.

“Italian ice!” The commentator proclaimed after a chilly reception. Emotions were high, the tension palpable and yet they took to the ice and skated their hearts out despite the probability of not medaling. Their melodramatic end left them visibly moved and exhausted. They emotionally embraced and kissed each other over and over.

It was rivoting.

They’re totally gonna do it and by “it”, I mean ice dance.

They came in sixth.