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>Time Flies

>When you have a new toy, time is vacuumed into non-existance. We are now the proud owner of this Sony HC90 MiniDV camcorder. We made the investment for a few reasons:

(1) Recording Ballyhoo clients during their live events and uploading video to their sites and/or sending it out as part of an electronic press kit.

(2) Transferring VHS to miniDV to my computer in a quick simple step. I have lots of video footage of my clients that I would love to have online.

(3) Documenting my and Keith’s trip to NOLA to volunteer in animal rescue and recovery with this grassroot organization. Thank you to everyone who donated! I won’t be depositing your gift until we are 100% certain our trip won’t be canceled. We still need about $700, so please feel free to donate anything from bug spray to sun screen or some cold hard cash. $1 to $700, it will all be used efficiently and for a good cause. Promise!

(4) Infrared option allows for the production of amazing night footage. You know, culturally important video is often done in low or no light situations.

Next stop: movie editing software.