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>Timing is Everything!

>So last night, knowing Lindsay‘s deep hatred of Jared Leto, I sent her a link about a creepy sex encounter some girl had with him.

This morning I turned to Page Six and saw an item about Krista Ayne and Jared.

Then I checked my email and got an invite from Penthouse/Krista’s publicist to attend Krista’s party for Steppin’ Out. I sent her the link for Krista’s enjoyment along with my regrets for missing the event as I’ll be at the Onion / Epilepsy Foundation comedy fundraiser with Michael Showalter, Bill Burr & others. (Plug.)

It struck me as a weird little series of synchronized events that are otherwise non-memorable or mentionable. Tigger, do you think these things speak to something at work? Like the thoughts become things stuff but, you know, less important?

Can’t share all the juicy bits in between the lines. Poo.