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>Timing is Everything!

>This time last year, Scott & I were celebrating Halloween and so much more from the cozy confines of his apartment overlooking the annual parade in the Village. I’m couldn’t go to his party this year but he and I shared a moment to reflect on that monumental day and what an immediately positve turn our lives took. It is true that positive thoughts and energy result in things, right Tigger?

I’ve touched on this phenomenon or theory or whatever a few times over the last few months because I’ve been astounded at how dramatic and immediate the impact in my life was when, one year ago today, Scott & I finally eliminated the only source of negativity in my life* and I was able to turn my energy and attention to positive thoughts. The ridiculous amounts of bad stress and energy wasted over the course of a year organizing and planning for last Halloween was finally gone and he and I are both better for it. The ease in which all of the ensuing goodness happened further reinforced my notions that “you’ve got to e-lim-inate the negative and ac-cen-tuate the postive”. Halloween will always serve as a reminder for me to reflect on the year and assess any evil that lurks. Kind of a cool way to tie in the holiday, huh?

*I can’t speak for him about any other negative elements that may have been in his life besides the one we expunged, but the positive has been just as amazing for him. He and his partner became official by law, he quit his day job to try acting and he’s been cast in three major, contracted theatrical productions.

Annnyyyywayyyyy, I totally called this sh*t last week! (See!) I wonder who, if anyone, will inherit the mike?

Oh, and last night’s reading rocked! I felt really nervous –it’s been a few months since I took to the stage– but I made some edits to the piece that made the delivery tighter, funnier and more provocative. The positive feedback I received after the show made me energized to devote more time to Love, Daddy and feel a little disappointed that I haven’t rewarded myself with the time to write more. Why don’t I allow myself this? What am I afraid of? One hour a day, or even every other day, would be plenty.

So, what did the Universe do? Delivered in today’s mail, not one but TWO letters from Dad. Both were so chock full of great news, shocking quotes, stories, demands, requests, thanks and love that I would be the biggest fool a$$hole if I didn’t get at least one entry up by week’s end.

Hear that Universe? That’s me putting it out there to you that I owe you! Thanks for the gift!