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>Today is a Very, Very Good Day!

>And it’s barely started! As Paquita naps peacefully on my lap, she has no idea how stressed she’s going to be. The cable man is coming today to install DVR! My laptop is due to arrive today! The buzzer will ring twice and Paquita is going to flip her wig. Oh my God, EXCLAMATION POINT!

From the pages of “And You Thought Your Father Was Bad”
The folks at FRESH YARN told me my essay about growing up with my deaf parents in a tin shed and is going to run on Father’s Day. Boy that seems so far away but it totally makes sense since the story revolves around my dad and culminates with him basically trying to kill my mom. Feel good story, no? Everyone will feel so guilty they will immediately run out to buy a tie rack to go with that special tie. You can thank me later, you dads out there.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to churn out new stuff on Love, Daddy which my pal Liam kindly plugged in addition to all his encouraging words. Thanks, Liam!

UPDATE: The cable guy just left. I’m pretty sure he was stoned. He was here maybe ten minutes and he used my bathroom (left the seat up), had me make him a glass of water and told me about 5 times how he loved my tattoo.