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>Today Show Clip

>My friends Keith, the PR guru, and Tom Shillue, the host of Meow Mix House, were on the Today Show. All over it. The segment rocked but Christian DELETED it before I could save it to my computer. He was upset with himself so I was sure to tease him mercilessly about how he did it on purpose. A passive-aggressive f-you to Tom & Keith for stealing Christian’s Today Show thunder. We’ll get a copy from the producer and Keith has it on his DVR so all is not lost, just delayed indefinitely. Unless, of course, you saw the clip live. In which case, this entry is not for you. E! is at the house now. Stay tuned!

Dentist to the Stars
My new dentist is amazing! I got a call this morning to see how I was feeling and during my 3.5 hour visit yesterday (oof) I had the nicest chat with him about the comedy industry and Tom Cruise’s mal-aligned teeth. We then went through the list of his more famous clients to see who we had in common. The number was low, but sure to increase in the coming months or years as I’ll be referring everyone I know to him. Before I left, he came back to say, “Wait, don’t leave, I want to show you something.” We went back to his office where he played me a clip of David Lettermen’s Top Ten Reasons to go to Dr. L. Awesome.