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>Today’s the Day!

>The Meow Mix House opens in about 8.5 hours! Woot! New Yorkers can swing by 425 Madison (btwn 48th & 49th) during business hours till June 23rd to get a peek at the house and vote on their favorite cat.

I’ll be there early and working but afterwards I head over to Chicks & Giggles for another reading from Love, Daddy. It’s the same piece I’ve been reading. Sadly no time for creative writing with the House and all. So, if you haven’t seen it, come on out to Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction at 8:00. There’s a smashing good lineup and it’s free!

Finally, tomorrow night is Happy Hour Hilarilogues at Center Stage. We’ve got some industry folks coming so it’s a great networking opportunity as well as a fun show and good time.

Happy birthday, Mom!