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>Tom Shillue, Me and Stuff

>I wrote a new piece to read tonight at The Family Hour with Auntie Sara. Part three of an ongoing discussion and I got to say, being forced to write on the fly every week has made it easier and easier. I’m digging what I put together for tonight and I only spent an hour or so on it. The show starts at 7:00, there’s no cover and a one item cheap food or drink purchase. But don’t just come for me (I know you were, don’t lie), come to see Tom Shillue, master storytelling, comedian and all around great guy. Come on out to Ochi’s Lounge at 353 W 14th St. near 9th Ave. See you tonight!

I miss my friends. Scott “Reverend” Ramsey is in Ohio starring in another play, Christian is a traveling fool, and for many scheduling reasons I just haven’t seen anyone for a NON-work related event. It’s bumming me out. The plus side is my inbox is completely empty. I’ve attended to every possible thing which is also a handy way for procrastinating on my book project.

I did go to Tori’s book party, though.