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>Tonight & Beyond

>Tonight’s Hot Tub Variety Show at Comix tonight is a winner with David Cross, Michael Showalter, Jon Benjamin joining the regularly adorable hosts Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler. I’ll be staying for the show as a few friends will also be dropping in and tonight really is my last chance to see anyone and have a bit of fun before the next two weeks gets really haywire. Come on out if you want to see a GREAT show for only $15 with no minimums.

I forgot to mention that I am letting the producers of Don’t You Forget About Me conduct some interviews for the documentary in our space. So that means tomorrow morning I have to leave Andrew McCarthy to go meet Jon Lovitz for an in-studio spot with JV & Elvis before heading over to Conan O’Brien to tape that show. Tomorrow is by far one of the more, “Holy crap, I could still be in a shed in Texas,” kind of days.

I’m trying not to burn out completely but the amount of work piling up is getting a little out of control. I haven’t done laundry in so long, I wore bathing suit bottoms as underwear.

Today: commando.