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>Tune In

>Set your alarms so you don’t miss CNN’s American Morning this morning and the Today Show Monday morning when they cover the Meow Mix House. Clip from Fox & Friends forthcoming.

My work with Meow Mix has pretty much ended with the launch, save for the clip collecting and some follow up, and Hilarilogues is over so yesterday I:

— Met with the printer and gave him my artwork / order for the wedding invitations,
— Saw my new dentist in the Helmsley Building which is very fancy as evidenced by my bill,
— Got interviewed by the Villager which went well I guess,
— Organized and expensed three months worth of receipts,
— Promoted Christian’s appearance at the Tampa Improv this weekend, and
— Met with Livia and decided to help her promote Goodnight, O.J.

You snooze, you lose.