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>A long, long while ago I set up a Twitter account. I can’t for the life of me remember what or how I signed up. Since I never really used it, just made a new account which you can track here if you so choose:

This is our 3rd spring in this apartment and every year, a mama bird builds a nest in a pipe underneath our kitchen window. Every time I turn on the water or slam a cabinet the little babies wake up chirping for food. The mama bird spends every waking minute flying back and forth with food for them. How exhausting! I threw some bread out and made it land on our A/C unit, but honestly I think she’s more discriminating than, say, a pigeon. I just wish there was a way I could maneuver a bowl of seeds out there for her. She’s really fascinating to watch. Bird watching = I’m officially old, right? Or is it my chronic lower back pain and lack of any desire whatsoever to watch The Hills or Gossip Girl?

Yesterday, I wrote My Jailed Deaf Dad, sent him $25, worked out at the gym (WTF, right?!), caught up on my DVR tapings which included seeing Craig Baldo (comedian and DJ at my and Finny’s wedding) on Conan O’Brien who also gave Comix a shout out. I’ve decided to stay in again today and try to get back on the writing saddle. It’s cold and rainy out so it’s not a hard choice to make. So far, I’ve only updated a few broken links on my press pages and updated other random websites. Procrastinating with other work again.

It could be worse, I could give in to temptation to play GTA4 on our Playstation. The pull is strong (it’s set in NYC and the Beer Garden in Queens is included!) but I’m resisting so far.