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>Houston’s Laff Stop: Big success.

Christmas: Same-o lame-o.

New Year’s Eve: In DC.

Travel: Over it.

Holy sh*t have I logged some frequent flier miles! I have been home for a whopping 36 hours, having just returned from Houston before Christamas in Boston, and leave for DC in about 12 hours from now for a short stay for the inauguration of the New Year 2006. I would invite you to join us at the DC Improv, but all the shows are sold out. Sorry, you lose.

Christian spoiled me for Christmas again (heh, heh, wouldn’t you like to know — okay, I got many an electronic device), but it feels all anti-climactic once you have to spend a pretty nickel trekking to someone else’s city (penny is just too cheap an analogy) and go through so much bullsh*t traveling / packing for the umpteenth time to hang out with a bunch of virtual strangers who most likely wouldn’t miss you if you weren’t there in the first place. Oh, now, settle down . . . that’s not to say they’re not nice

But just when I start to think, “What a big fu*king waste of time and, giant-lump-in-the-throat-c*ck-su*king dammit my airfare / hotel cost would have / should have / could have been deposited into my Jailed Deaf Dad’s Inmate Trust Fund instead of withering here,” I get to hang with some unfortunate people who need just as much love and care and attention as my Jailed Deaf Dad and my airfare / hotel money wasn’t a total bust if those people feel enriched and loved and needed. Dad will just have to wait for his new thermals and stationery and trial subscription to the Sunday New York Times.

Added bonus: I got to hang out with Christian’s most awesome friend-turned-stepbrother & friend-turned-stepbrother’s wife. We haven’t seen them since our trip to Turks & Caicos last June and, boy, do I miss their relaxed nature, easy laughter and quirky senses of humor.

But, yeah, I’ll be glad to be home come January 1st and get the newest, best year ever under way. I’m happier than ever in more ways than one and, as a complete Triple Dog Dare to the Happiness God, come April or June or, heck, maybe in the next few weeks I’ll be hitched for the first time since 1994.

WTF, right?