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I have a call time of 6:20 AM with Bruce Bruce at the CW11 kicking off our ALL DAY press tour*. I really should be in bed right now. Ah, but I’ll be home by 2:00 and can nap before enjoying the weekend with Christian. We have lots to think about after his eventful trip and his Comedy Central tour is winding up so we have that to deal with. Somebody’s getting a KIA!

Did you see Craig Ferguson on Letterman Tuesday night? He had a great weekend at Comix and chatted *very* briefly about it. Nice. Then Paul Scheer was on Letterman last night talking about Human Giant. Woot! He was adorable and charming. Yay Paul!

Can’t sleep.

*In this order beginning at 7:45 AM, tune in to Egypt & Ashy on Power 105, Kiss FM, Hot 97, JV & Elvis on 92.3 Free FM and then Raw Dog Comedy on Sirius if you want to catch Bruce Bruce live on the radio.