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>Um, Light Bulb, Can We Have a Moment?

>I’ve got three reporters lined up for Monday’s “The Drink at Work Show“, two in direct relation to interviews of which I’ve been the interviewee. Great, right? Um…well, not if I’m supposed to perform and I still don’t know what the F I’m gonna do. Gotta get cracking.

Meanwhile, read this interview with me by Noah Fowle that appeared in the Villager today. I’m a little embarrassed by the opening where it says I helped launch rooms / shows. Not really true but I have done much, much promoting for lots of different shows down there. Other than that, it’s a great interview considering it’s my first and I was not prepared for some of the questions.

Oh, yeah, and my birthday was awesome! Christian got me a Coach purse and treated me to lots of food and drinks all over the City. MySpace is definitely good for birthdays…Jiminy Christ I got hundreds of emails, IMs, phone calls, and comments. The Water Taxi Beach Party is tomorrow, rain or shine, where I hope to celebrate in person with lots of friends. Click here for the scoop.

Today Show clip from this morning forthcoming.