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>…I got nothing. I created a profile of sorts on MySpace. Just one more thing I’ll have to update. I never used friendster; maybe this will be different.

Christian’s friend Bryan was supposed to have a sketch on Saturday Night Live last night, so I actually watched the season premiere start to finish — I haven’t been able to watch a full episode of SNL in years. The sketch ended up being cut, which sucks for Bryan, but the show overall was better than I expected. Mike Meyers‘ surprise cameo with Kanye West coupled with three glasses of Shiraz had me falling off the couch. Horatio Sanz, on the other hand, is a dolt. He almost had me back to neutral (not really) with his attempt at Weekend Update, but his snickering at himself prevailed and I’m back to thinking he’s the worst SNL Player ever. Plus he looked like a bulbous tick* swollen and bursting from the neck opening in his too-tight suit which made me want to pop him with a safety pin.

*I had something really mean here about what he really looked like. Email me if you want to hear it.