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>The August edition of Sob Stories has been cancelled for three reasons:

  1. The assistant to the producer at NBC just left for Athens to cover the Olympics.  So cool.  I’m jealous.
  2. The aforementioned producer will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.  (Umm, no thank you.  Hellloooo, it starts with the word “Kill“.)
  3. Christian will be taping his own 1/2 hour special for Comedy Central Presents the week Sob Stories would have been playing and Mr. I Need to Practice My Set Before I Tape it for a National Television Audience couldn’t be bothered.  Now that’s a “Sob Story”.  Wuss.

Pretty good reasons, though.  Wouldn’t you agree? 


Don’t fret.  You will be able to get free tickets to item #3 so you can get your monthly fix of Mr. Finnegan.  Here’s what I do know:  August 6th at the Hudson Theatre on 44th Street.  More details to follow.   Sob Stories will return on September 7th.  Let the countdown begin.



Me?  Oh, I’m not doing anything really.