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>V-Day 2006

>Enjoyed a movie (Good Night & Good Luck) and a tasty lunch with tastier margaritas at Baby Bo’s with my Valentine. Now I’m bloated and tired so might have to skip the traditional chocolate covered strawberries.

Received a letter from my Jailed Deaf Dad yesterday. He was rooting for Seattle in the Super Bowl…so I’m guessing he’s flat broke again. Read more about his love for football and gambling in prison on Love, Daddy.

Christian will be filming all day tomorrow for VH1’s Best Week Ever with the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This includes the special lunch at Sardi’s where the winner eats food off a china plate or some such. Anyway, the winning dog will be crowned tonight and the footage will probably air on VH1 Friday night at 11:00 then replayed all weekend. If not, I’m sure they’ll show something online. Will keep you posted.

Hey, remember Tex in the City? I’ve got an event coming down the pike so stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you know any southern transplants or visitors in or around New York, be sure to send them my way.

Okay, off to finish a writing package with my pants undone.