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>Voting is Fun!

>Today is primary day and judging by the number of comments, we like voting! Thanks for the input! I’m going to have to come up with more of these “dilemmas” so I can hear from you all again. t was a dead heat between #2 and #4 with #2 winning by just one vote. And yes, Julie, the pics were taken on our rooftop last March, I think.

I got the green light to begin spreading the word about Christian’s debut CD with Comedy Central Records. Once I get a newsletter slapped together and a few graphics made, we’ll make the official announcement. I’ve got butterflies! Weee!

I’m off to go meet some German filmmakers in town scouting and what not. Not sure what they want with me but I figure it can’t hurt to go have lunch with them. Then tonight we’re going to the premiere screening of Kidnapped debuting on NBC on September 20th. I hope it’s better than Vanished. Blech.