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>WARNING: This is a conversation better had with friends over beers in a pub.

>Today, despite it’s unnerving start, ended up being quite fruitful and positive. Unfortunately I can’t share the best news but it’s all good. I am often encouraged at how the Universe will tell me I’m on the right path by making things easier to accomplish, by introducing me to the right people, by showing me the framework of the goals I have set forth.

Trust me: growing up with deaf parents in a tent, tin shed, trailer, then a barn all while watching adult films and doing drugs with adults when I was a wee lass well before my dad tried to kill my mother and I went in to hiding and got married in my senior year of high school to a sailor in the US Navy basically for extra stipend so I could go to a trade school instead of college despite my Summa Cum Laude honors degree then get divorced and find myself as a banker in the middle of Ohio instead of pursuing an entertainment career in NYC so finally busting a move to New York and hanging out on the Cuervo Nation when getting the call that my dad got busted stabbing my stepmom has kind of taught me to respect and recognize the what the Universe is telling me when I’m on the right path.

As an example: I remarked to many wedding guests that very night that getting married to Christian was so easy. Not a single thing went wrong and I hardly put forth any effort. In fact, it was so effortless that I felt that the Universe was telling me, “You’re doing the right thing here, Ms. Crews.” So when it came down to saying “I do,” there was no question. Now had there been stumbling block after stumbling block in trying to plan it and a major subway snafu, the cupcake truck failed to show, the catering van got in a big fender bender or all of the above, I would have wondered just what is the Universe trying to tell me?

I won’t go so far as to say that It would be telling me I shouldn’t get married but that maybe things could be more positive. Asking, “What is it in your life or your behavior (or in this example, the wedding and, heck, maybe even my relationship) that you could change that would make this better?”

In the last year I have made a few major re-adjustments and each time the Universe has told me they were good. Very good.

This makes sense in my head but, hey, I warned you!