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>Warrior for the Deaf

>I received a 25 page letter (!@!%#$!!!) from Dad yesterday. While it’s full of great stuff, my Loved, Daddy blog entry isn’t all that entertaining…just an update, I guess. Christian is in Miami so I’ve been hunkered down in my apartment writing my proposal, researching and reading a lot so not much fun to report. Unless you count having two mice come into my office reeeallly close to my bare feet as I was typing at my desk.

The first was so silky and shiny brown and tiny and cute that I just watched it for a few minutes. After I lifted my feet, of course. EEK! It wasn’t too unlike Christian’s hamster Aretha. But then the other one came out and I thought, “Oh no, I can’t have this.” So I waved my hands around to make them see me and they didn’t care! It wasn’t till I screamed at them, “Hello?! You gotta GO!” that they skedaddled.

Waiting for them to come back and keep thinking every little shadow is them.