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>We Interrupt this Sunday Afternoon

>I’m so excited about tonight’s “Night of Too Many Stars” that I’ve already gotten dressed. I feel like I did when I was 14 and going to my 9th Grade Banquet except this time I won’t be huffing rush or smoking weed in the back of a van with my friend Kenny beforehand.

Christian is already on location in Boston to film his bit part in a movie so he’ll miss the red carpet/ridiculous after party fun. But there are worse reasons to miss a big event, right?

Tomorrow I’m excited to give a short toast at the Hysterical Festival fundraiser show at Comix featuring Heather Lawless, Mel & El, Bridget Everett from “At Least It’s Pink” and a ton of other ridiculously talented women. Back when I was first envisioning a book or some sort of one person show, my Tex in the City pals Scott, Kevin & Greg all pointed to Bridget as a good example of what to do with a crazy white trash tale. They couldn’t have been more spot on. Anyway, get details and tickets here or look for it in the Latest Ballyhoo coming to your inbox soon if you’re a subscriber.

Okay, back to Guitar Hero on my new PS3!