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>We Won! AGAIN!

>Woo hoo! The court agreed that the Tex in the City vote to expel Meredith was valid! She is no longer allowed to represent herself as an employee or officer of TITC. Even better, she desperately tried to retain the trademark and intellectual property of TITC but was DENIED and “will not use the trademark or any other intellectual property of TITC…” (see pic).

Also, her inflated loan to shareholder claim in the amount of $5,000 was settled for only $3,000. A little high, in my opinion, since she co-mingled funds and couldn’t produce any accounting for a fundraiser that would have offset that loan (even though she was the bookkeeper for crying out loud). Also, we caught her in an out and out lie about the costs of that fundraiser. She said she had to pay for the venue and booze, but the owner said that was not true and even put it in writing for us. So, yeah, her loan amount was trumped up bull. But we figured $3,000 was fair enough when you consider the work contributed over the years and the relief to have her OUT of our company.

Back when we expelled her, we officially dissolved the old LLC and put all our TITC intellectual property into a new LLC, Workshop Creations, that has never been tainted with her UGLY chapter. We don’t have plans on using the TITC name and image for anything other than parties but it’s nice to have the option and to control the use of its image and intellectual property and such.

Speaking of parties, Kevin — who originally came up with the TITC name with Scott and Robin Houston and produced the very first TITC cabaret long before Meredith was ever in the picture — will help produce the annual Oscar viewing party.

Stay tuned!