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>Weather and Dogs and Hair

>Last night P said she doesn’t want poop in her house so she doesn’t let her dog use wee wee pads. It’s days like today when I think how could she not. Paquita was desperate to go out with me for the morning coffee run. I tried to show her how miserable she would be if she did. I took her to the windows, cracked one open and let her smell the wet cold air. I think she got it. She didn’t try so hard to be noticed after that.

P also said, “In this light you look just like Heather Locklear circa TJ Hooker.” I’ll take that. It’s actually the second time I’ve gotten that comparison*. Time to tone down the feathers and pay for blowouts maybe.

*The first time was by Jessi Klein on New Year’s Eve. Jessi works on David Spade’s show and should know her some Heather. Back in my big Texas hair days I used to get compared to Stevie Nicks on a daily basis. Seriously sometimes it was up to five times a day when working the counter at Malibu Grand Prix that I would hear, “Has anyone ever told you…” So I just spent 45 minutes on MyHeritage (damn it’s fun!) and, sure enough, Heather & I were an 83% match. So were Alyson Hannigan & Josie Maran.

There’s really no point to this except to stall cleaning house and finishing my taxes.