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>Weekend Update

>The sun is sporadically finding it’s way through the clouds so I’ll be brief. The Duff sisters were at the early show. They looked very chic and tiny and incognito in that you really wouldn’t have known who they were other than some cute, well-dressed girls. Very non-descript.

Joel, the owner of this Improv in Miami as well as the ones in West Palm and Hollywood FL, is such a doll. Ticket sales are down at all three locations due to the weather, holiday and Miami Heat playoffs, so he invited Christian back for Christmas to make up for it. Nice. He also offered to forward potential clients my way. Nicer! I look forward to seeing Joel again along with his girlfriend in Montreal for the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. It’s going to be a big week for all of us in Canada. I can’t wait!

Off to the pool for 5 minutes of sunshine.