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>Weekend Wrap Up

>Took a trip to the Poconos via bus. It was pleasantly short and beautiful, although leaves aren’t in full color as of yet.

I rented two movies for the first time in ages. How long, you ask? So long that my Blockbuster membership had been cancelled, so I had to re-apply. I checked out Love Actually and a documentary on Aileen Wuornos. Regarding the former, I knew I was in trouble when I started crying during the opening credits. It actually was too pat and schmaltzy in the end, tying up its overly numerous story lines but I did enjoy it. Did it make me believe love is all around. No actually. It made me further entrenched in my feeling that there is no such thing as true love or forever in romance.

I haven’t watched the latter yet, but I loved Monster and was compelled by Aileen’s motives. If I become a serial killer, I’ll kill men who visit prostitutes, too.

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