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Well, Now That That’s Settled

After all that, they settled the case before we, the jury, could deliberate. Harumph. It was still a very interesting process, and I would do it again even knowing that I would never get to help decide the outcome. What it ultimately means is that I’m woefully behind on my email. Strangely, though, I don’t care. I say “strangely” because I have an empty inbox 99% of the time. No joke. An email comes, I read it (or not if it’s spam or a similar unwanted source) and answer, file or delete it as needed. I don’t let it sit around and gather dust unless there is a significant reason.

Instead, tonight, I skipped the gym, dined at Cafe Bar, napped, painted my nails, and am now propped up on the couch with a glass of Shiraz and my laptop to look for open houses. In other words, things right now are unabashedly, selfishly mine. I work hard. Very hard. But jury duty reminded me that I work too hard. I haven’t vacationed since Paris last Christmas — not one single day truly “off” and tomorrow I’m taking one to celebrate my husband’s success and infinite talent and charm during one of the biggest events in his career. He makes me tremendously proud, and I look forward to just sittin’ there looking purty while he rightfully basks in the glory of this milestone.

Proud wife.