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>We’ve got our family!

>About a month ago I was scouring the net trying to find the perfect domestic violence / violence against women charity for an event I’m producing next year. I was kind of stumped. None of them “matched” what I was looking for in a group. Well, after speaking with Emily at Sanctuary For Families, I have to look no further. This group is amazing. They are having the adopt a family program and we’ve been assigned a woman and her three daughters who are living in a secure, non-disclosed location. The downside of our “adopting” them means that we can’t visit them and deliver a Christmas dinner and presents in person. But that’s true of many holiday gift programs.

SFF is having a big holiday party on the 19th that I’m going to help with and I’ve got the ball rolling for my fundraising show next year. All that work last month to no avail only to have it all fall in to place in one phone conversation.

Back to our “family”. We have a mother and her girls aged 11, 6 and 3 all in need of simple things. Sadly we weren’t given clothing sizes but there’s plenty we can give to help them smile this Christmas. The mother’s tale of abuse is shocking and, sadly, all too common. I hope she stays tough this season. As cheesy as this sounds, leaving that situation is the best Christmas gift she could give her daughters.