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>What a Great Week So Far!

>The first ever Hysterical Festival kicks off tonight at Comix and Ochi’s Lounge. We have four days of amazing women and comedy gracing our stages and the amount of press we’ve gotten is astounding. I’m so thrilled! I perform on one festival show tonight and another one on Saturday. Drop on by, wontcha?

My photo shoot was a load of fun. Can’t wait to see the results. One of the photos will be used in a magazine article / profile about me but details are still in the works.

David Alan Grier stopped by Comix last night and did a surprise guest spot. The audience was delighted, of course. He had just screened his new Comedy Central show “Chocolate News” at Soho House and a fellow comedian walked him over to show him the club. DAG will be headlining Comix later this year, so if you’re a fan no need to fret about missing him.

Christian’s DVD taping in Philly is shaping up. I booked him on two radio and one TV show this morning, so he took a 5:00 AM train to be in studio. Ugh. But they went well and we have already seen the free ticket requests spike as a result. While he’s in Philly today, he’ll be passing out fliers and hanging posters around town. Plus, I have him meeting with a reporter with Philadelphia Weekly and another one with City Paper. We’re really making use of his time there but, my lord, he’s exhausted after getting up at 4:30 this morning with pretty much zero restful sleep. Poor guy.

With all the excitement, I completely forgot that I’m finally filming an ad campaign I’ve been sitting on for two years now. We do a walk through of the set and story board review on Friday and film on Saturday. I can’t wait!

Okay, gotta get cracking on the Hysterical Festival press list.