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>What is This Thing You Call "Love"?

>Paquita had a date today with my friend Keith. I got up early, packed her bag and took the longer trek to Keith’s office in Union Square.  I was sweaty mess with not a minute to spare.  I blurted a harried goodbye, “Have a good day!  See you at 6:00!”  And doubled back to my office in Rockefeller Center.  At 5:30, I’ll trek back down there, pick her up, double back and go home.  

As I made my way to work, I thought, “What a pain in the ass!  Is this what parenthood is like?  People do this every day?  That’s a sentence worse than the one my Jailed Deaf Dad got!”

But then I found myself smiling to myself at just how damned cute she was when she realized that she was coming with me today, when she started trotting faster and more assured the closer we got to a familiar place (Keith’s office), when she saw Keith for the first time since he took care of her while I vacationed in Anguilla and when she excitedly tore after him when he left her to grab a phone call.

Man she was happy and it overwhelmed me from the inside out.   I would do it every day for her.  I just want her to be happy.  Is this what “unconditional love” is?  If so, man is it nice.  And to think, she’s just a dog

I forgot her toys, left Keith with no leash, didn’t pack her food, didn’t bring a water bowl and I was late to work.  Thank God she is just a dog so she’ll unconditionally love me

Luckily she forgave me once I treated her to dinner, boozed her up and let her hump my arm.** 


**I suppose if I were to ever have a kid I would do it for them, too — that should indicate to you just how cute she was!