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>Whew, I’m Beat

>I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I met Scott “Reverend” Ramsey for a late lunch meeting. Pencil in the first Friday of each month for your Tex in the City Roundup Party in Ochi’s Lounge beginning October 3rd from 6:30 – 9:00!

Then I was off to see a pretty great co-op one street away from Restaurant Row. Danny Leary joined me for the tour and he was gushing about how great it was. I’m not sold and Christian has to see it, too, of course. But how great would it be to live a block from Don’t Tell Mama and Joe Allens?! Gah! CanNOT compute!

Then I zoomed down to Comix to do a voice over for the first “news item” I filmed for “Comix TV”. It’s a report on XM Radio’s “Unmasked” series. I got some great b-roll footage of Seth Rogan and what not and an interview with the executive producer. I see the mistakes made along the way footage-wise, but what a great first piece it will be and a nice little thing for our reel.

THEN…as if that weren’t enough. A reporter from a Japanese magazine is upstairs waiting to interview me for a feature before I RUN down to the People’s Improv Theater to perform. Holy crap that’s too much in one day for the Friday when most folks have already called it quits for the long weekend.

Can’t wait to get home.