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Wholesome fun the whole family can enjoy!

Even though we have been dating for nearly two years, Christian met my mom for the first time yesterday evening when she arrived safely from Houston, Texas. He treated us to dinner at The Brick Cafe before we headed in to the City for a gig Christian had at The Slipper Room.

The show was going well enough though one British comedian did call my mom out (“there’s a deaf woman in the house”) when I had to sign to her in sign language what the comedian had just said. Then Christian was called to the stage as the final performer. He did a few minutes before segueing into a bit called “How is This My Fault?” in which he talks about traveling with me, his girlfriend.

“Speaking of my girlfriend, that deaf woman in the audience is her mother. She is in town visiting. She’s actually not totally deaf. She can hear if you YELL AT HER! In fact, Christy–that’s her name–why don’t you come to the stage?”

[Audience applauds and searches the room for “Christy”.]

My mom looks to me with excited, wide eyes and signs, “Does he really want me to go up there?!?!” Her look hints of uncertainty and slight fear that she will be made butt of some terrible joke.

I pull her out of her chair as I sign, “Yes, they’re waiting for you!”

[Christy gets on stage to wild applause. They engage in mild banter.]

“You’re here visting New York. Where are you from?”

“Houston, Texas.”

[No applause, save for a tepid clap or two.]

“But you voted for John Kerry?” Christian asks.

“Oh yes I did,” Christy replies emphatically.

[Wild applause. Some hooting.]

“You and I have just spent about two hours together, what do you think of your daughter’s boyfriend so far?”

“I think he’s pretty cool.”

“Do you think your daughter and I have a future together?”

She skeptically replies, “Oh I don’t know about that!”

[Huge laughter from everyone but Christian. A few people turn to look at my horrified reaction.]

“Oh, really? Well, maybe you would like her to give you grandchildren?”

She glances my way with raised eyebrows, “Well, yes, but Kambri has always said her career comes first.”

“Well, we have a little surprise for you.”

[My mom’s eyes grow the size of silver dollars as she whips her head in my direction. Audience gasps, shocked & thrilled giggles & laughter fill the room.]

She simultaneously mouths and signs, “You’re pregnant?!”

Christian says, “Were. We aborted it.”

[My mom grabs her forehead in mock shock. Even more shocked & thrilled gasps and giggles fill the room.]

He continues, “On that happy note, why don’t go back and take your seat. Come on everyone, give a round of applause to my mother’s girlfriend!”

The “DJ”, comedian¬†Craig Baldo, chimes in, “Whoops! Mother’s girlfriend?”

Christian responds with his trademark, “Paging Dr. Freud!”

After the show, the comics approached her to compliment her on her “performance”. She said, “I wish I had known he was going to do that, I would have prepared some funny answers!”

[What? Is she a comedian?]

“Oh, no, you did just fine.”

She was up at 7:00 in the morning (?!)¬†on the phone with my stepdad telling him the whole story. Well, actually, she was trying to tell the story but had it all wrong and couldn’t remember most of the important details which meant she had to interrupt the conversation every two seconds to ask, “How did it go again?”