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>Whose Dream Is It Anyway?

>I was sick all weekend with laryngitis (that is one painful mo fo affliction!) so slept in as much as I could with lots of feverish dreams. One night, even after waking up several times, I dreamt only of Greg Proops. I fretted over his press itinerary for hours, literally sweating through the details. Had I pitched X? Did I ever hear back from Y? What time do we have to be at Z? It was tiring. My dream was exhausting. I kept waking in cold sweats to readjust, drink water, go to the bathroom, etc., only to return and pick up right where I left off.

Greg arrives in NYC Thursday and I have a nice, healthy little line up of press for him despite the late booking, summer Fridays being in effect, and post-holiday malaise so I have no idea why it was Greg of all people about whom I was dreaming. I’ve met him before (actually worked with him ages ago during psNBC’s heyday) and he’s quite lovely, so I’m not worried about that…unlike some of the other *ahem* characters I’ve had to work with who shall remain nameless*.

*Unless you buy me a drink and I’ll tell you all about those a$$holes. Meanwhile, click here for tickets to see Greg this weekend at Comix.