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>"Why has [Saturday Night Live] gotten so bad?"

>”It’s unwatchable.” So says George Hickenlooper to Molly Shannon on Dinner For Five, backed up by David Cross who says, {paraphrased quote, forgive me} “It’s just terrible. It’s so political which is [death] to a creative environment.”

Watch it and Molly Shannon’s diplomatic response at 1:30 PM on Thanksgiving Day during their marathon.

Afterwards, watch Aileen Wuornos, Life & Death of a Serial Killer on HBO*. It is heads and shoulders above the previous installment (Aileen Wuornos, The Selling of a Serial Killer, 1992). I am part saddened, repulsed, venomously angered and pathetically resigned at her life and ultimate fate. May she and her victims rest in peace.

Quick Fact: The biker bar in Port Orange, Florida where Wuornos was arrested on 9 January 1991 has become a tourist spot, with the slogan: “Cold Beer and Killer Women.”

Disturbing Fact: At age 14, Aileen gave birth to a boy fathered by a local pedophile who later killed himself. Said baby was put up for adoption. Oh woe be the parents who happened upon this child. Actually, he would be the ideal case study in the “Nature vs. Nurture” debate. I wonder if he knows his beginnings, if he is a psycho, if he is a success.


*Or football & the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade if you’re too wussy.