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>Wilmer Valderrama and Stuff

>Richard Linklater and Eric Schlosser have taken Fast Food Nation, the non-fiction book, and turned it into a fictionalized dramatic film. It was interesting and informative and the performances were terrific but it really was just so-so. It was too long and some of the story lines just didn’t take hold enough.

The Eric & Richard were at the AMMI special screening for donors with most of the male cast like Bobby Cannavale (very compelling as the slaughterhouse manager), Wilmer Valderrama (also very good), Paul Dano (from Little Miss Sunshine and perfect at the angst ridden teen role) and others.

Before the Q&A, I challenged Julie to find out why the moderator from here for Glenn Close and here for Bennett Miller annoys me. “He has a way with interviews that I want to see if you catch,” I told her. Sure enough, he didn’t let me down and said a statement with a query inflection at the end. Julie called it right away.

Afterwards we enjoyed the wine and treats and wandered through the museum chatting about cow meat and the movie. I commended Wilmer at a job well done and mentioned that Tommy Chong and I had spent a great deal of time together last week during which we chatted about That 70s Show and Wilmer. It was a nice, brief conversation after which I mentioned to Julie, “Christian is going to FREAK when he finds out who I was just chatting with!”

When I got home, Christian –still wearing a tux from his time with K-Fed and a private corporate gig– was sitting on the couch. “Guess which celebrity I met tonight that you will be SO jealous I talked to?”

“Wilmer Valderrama?”

BINGO! First guess!

“YEP!” I exclaimed!

“Oh my God, you met Wilmer Valderrama on the same day I met K-fed?” He asked.

Christian is obsessed with using Wilmer as a punchline to any joke regarding celebrity and what not. In fact, Christian used him as the punchline for a joke during the Best Week Ever 100th episode party at Marquee even though Wilmer was there.

Anyway, the movie should have been a documentary but I guess there were just too many legal issues. The dramatized account falls flat despite the horrific ending scene which will never leave me and amazing acting. I’m guessing the critics will pan it, but we’ll see soon enough. It opens in theaters very soon.

Borat, however, was GREAT! I am very cultured and socially relevant.